Foreo ISSA Pro Set w/ Toothbrush + Hybrid Brush Head + Tongue Clearner -Lavender

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Introducing the next generation of dental care, FOREO's ISSA™ Pro Set helps you to achieve a brighter and whiter smile, whilst maintaining healthy gums and protecting from gum recession.

Featuring soft, gentle silicone bristles that resist bacteria build-up and channel 183 high-intensity pulsations per second, the toothbrush cleans the teeth and gums to removes plaque and prevent cavities, without scratching tooth enamel or damaging gums.

Fully waterproof and ultra-hygienic, the sleek, ergonomic ISSA™ has eight speed settings to suit individual needs and a 3D flexible brush head to reach every area of the mouth. Each 1 hour USB charge lasts up to 365 uses.


* Sonic Pulse Technology to break up and remove plaque
* Soft, gentle silicone bristles
* Easy to clean and resists bacteria build-up
* Each charge lasts up to 365 uses
* USB chargeable and integrated battery
* Fully waterproof

Technical Specifications:

* Dimensions: H:19.5 x W:3.2cm
* Weight: 65g
* Max Noise Level: 50dB

The Set Includes:

* ISSA™ Toothbrush
* Hybrid Brush Head
* Silicone Brush Head
* Tongue Cleaner Brush Head
* USB Charger
* User Manual

How to Use

Use your regular toothpaste and press the centre button to turn on the ISSA™. While pressing the centre button, LED light will flash. Press + or – to adjust the ISSA™ to your preferred intensity.
Every 30 seconds pulsations will pause, indicating it’s time to move to the next quadrant of the mouth.
Make wide, circular movements over the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth and gums. On biting and chewing surfaces, brush backwards and forwards horizontally.
After 2 minutes, the pulsations will pause 3 times and the LED light will flash, signalling the end of the recommended brushing routine (you may continue brushing your teeth longer if you wish).